Passion, like love, is a funny thing – hard to define and often even harder to attain, yet when you find it, you know it.  For a lucky few, it seems like passion actually seeks them out, often knocking until it finds an open door, maybe even a tiny crack, through which to enter. 

For Dawn, that tiny crack came in the form of a childhood spent abroad because of her father’s military career moving the family from one assignment to the next for nearly 28 years. Fully expecting to follow in his footsteps, she enrolled in the Coast Guard Academy and pursued her goal of becoming a military officer. Rather than taking notes from her instructors’ lectures though, her school notebooks were quickly consumed with beautiful and intricate designs she remembered from her childhood travels.    With vivid memories of each country’s unique color, character and culture, she spent hours putting her reflections on paper until ultimately, passion pushed a little harder and Dawn left the academy to pursue her love of art & design.

With a career that spanned 15 years in the field of interior design, passion could wait no longer and it blew the doors wide open when Dawn founded Embellishmint in 2006.  Today, an extraordinary design talent combining both interior and floral décor makes her one of the most sought-after floral and event designers in Southern California. Recognizing the significance and uniqueness of each event, Dawn’s designs are fresh, original and one-of-a-kind.  Her willingness to incorporate her clients’ wishes and ideas with her own vast design repertoire has lead to a successful business based almost solely on referrals. 

So did she find her passion or did it find her?  Does it really matter?